Baby: Week 3

Your heart will start beating at the end of this week!

Human Embryo 18 Day Old with Primitive Streak : Computer Generated Image from Micro-MRI, actual size in length = 1.5 mm - This image presents a side-view of an embryo during its third week of development. Courtest of theVisualMD.

I can hear your heartbeat!

The heartbeat is the most important vital sign of life we know of. At only 21 days, you reach a major milestone— your heart begins to beat for the first time![1] Your young heart is working, dividing into chambers, and will develop a regular rhythm soon.[2]  

Did you know you used to have a tail? You’re taking on an odd shape now; you have actually developed a tail for a few weeks and look a small bit like a tadpole.[3]

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[2] - Week 5

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