Your Life Before Birth

Do you know that at the moment of fertilisation, everything was decided for you, whether you were a boy or girl, how tall you would eventually become, if your eyes were green, blue or brown. Take this fascinating journey on the first 9 months of your life.

Developmental timeline. Go from week to week. See what was happening to your mother at a period in your development and how the connection between both is so powerful.

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A Unique You! Never to be repeated

And you’re off! At the moment of fertilisation, 23 chromosomes from each of your parents combine to make you: a unique individual human being, never to be replicated. Almost everything about you is coded in your
DNA. You just need to grow and develop for the next 9 months.

At 20 weeks, half way through this fascinating journey, as the brain and nerve endings continue to develop, you might experiment with your sense of touch. There are lots of documented evidence of babies reacting to sounds and music from this stage on.

What you can expect in this section

  • The AMAZING FACTS looks at how different elements such as hands, feet or face developed in the womb
  • FIRST NINE MONTHS is a timeline which follows the embryo and its mother from conception to birth
  • BABY'S HEARTBEAT listens to recordings of the foetus at different stages of development
  • MORE THAN ONE looks at what happens in multiple births from twins to quads!