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Embryos in the sixth week show spontaneous movements such as twitching of the trunk and developing limbs

Upper Limb buds are recognizable at day 26 or 27 as small swellings

A baby can suck her thumb and yawn at 9.5 weeks old

All major external and internal structures are established during the fourth to eighth weeks

My liver is making cells rom now on

A baby has fingerprints at 9-10 weeks

Babies can open their eyes inside the womb

One cell layer is all that separates mammy from baby

The fallopian tube is the anatomical region where every new life begins in the mammalian species.

Human development is a continuous process

In the womb, babies can taste and smell the food mammy eats

A babys' brainwaves can be measured at 6 weeks old

a baby's ear can begin to be seen around 6 weeks

At 2-3 weeks, a baby's brain is the 'first organ to appear'