Mam: Pregnant 38 weeks (Baby 36 weeks)

Thankfully 95% of all babies are born within two weeks of mum’s due date.

If your hosptial bag is ready, check that you have everything you need, if its not, get it ready quickly!

You are ready and you’re not so comfortable. But thankfully 95% of all babies are born within two weeks of mum’s due date.[1] This is a great time to get some extra help from babysitters for your little ones, housekeepers, and others in your support system.

Just as your baby is preparing for life outside the womb, at 38 weeks pregnant your body is tending to its own final touches before the big day — some you're aware of, such as your baby dropping into your pelvis (easier breathing, more pelvic pressure) and others that you probably are not aware of, such as cervical dilation and effacement.While you're waiting for D-day to arrive, think of these last weeks as a dress rehearsal for life with baby. Sleepless nights, anxiety and leaky breasts, Many pregnant women find that their breasts begin to leak colostrum sometime in the third trimester. Colostrum is a thin yellowish liquid that's the precursor to breast milk. Full of antibodies that protect your newborn, it has more protein and less fat and sugar than the breast milk that arrives later. If you are leaking colostrum, you may want to consider wearing nursing pads in your bra to protect your clothes. [2]

Make sure the items in your hospital bag still fit you and that you have everything you need as you might have to leave in a hurry!

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