Mam: Pregnant 9 weeks (Baby 7 weeks)

Morning sickness, cravings, weight gain – all will continue normally

Your body needs calcium for your babys bones

Morning sickness, cravings, weight gain – all will continue normally. But remember to eat healthily when you feel up to it!  ‘Organic spinach and asparagus are good sources of folate, a B-vitamin needed during pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects. During pregnancy, a woman's iron needs double. You'll need plenty of calcium, found in organic milk and yogurt, as well as vitamin D to help build your baby's bones, according to’[1]

Remember your health includes more than eating right! The mind and emotions also play a role, shaping our responses to events such as stress, and our relationships and support networks. Take some time out to write a diary, begin a new hobby, visit friends, meditate. Redecorating the nursery and reflecting on the meaning of having a baby are also important for a new mum.


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