Mam: Pregnant 8 weeks (Baby 6 weeks)

Your heart is pumping 50% more blood per minute for your baby.

Pregnancy can be an emotional time

Your heart is pumping 50% more blood per minute for your baby. Common symptoms for this week are moodiness and queasiness from certain smells.[1] If you feel a bit dizzy or lightheaded, this is normal—your body is not quite producing enough blood for two, you may need to lie down now and again but hang in there as this will change soon! [2]

Weeping one moment, happy the next? Hormones can cause mood swings, and can also result in vivid dreams or insomnia. Try to relax and take time to unwind. It'll be good practice for the months to come. Emotional ups and downs can carry on throughout pregnancy and well after your baby's born. So accept that you're bound to feel fragile occasionally. [3]

An American centre studying holistic pregnancy recommends coping with mood swings through stress-reduction. ‘You experience better peace of mind, and reducing stress decreases your heart rate and blood pressure, helps your digestion, reduces muscular tension, and enhances your immune system and your ability to deal with pain and discomfort.’ How can you cope with stress?

  • Using stress-reduction techniques: There are many techniques to help with stress reduction, such as meditation, yoga and other exercises.
  • Gaining knowledge: Knowing what is happening to your body and planning for childbirth will help reduce stress and help you make decisions confidently.
  • Find a holistic practitioner: someone experienced in working with rather than against the natural changes during pregnancy.[4]
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