Mam: Pregnant 27 weeks (Baby 25 weeks)

This is the start of the 3rd trimester

Pregnant mother pregnant at approximately 27 weeks.

2nd Trimester ends and the 3rd Trimester begins

As your uterus expands, the dreaded stretch marks appear. You’ve gained between 7 - 10kgs (16 – 22lbs), and your balance and movement are different.[1] Just try to remember what the end result is! Only a few weeks left until the stretching is over and your newborn is in the nursery! 

Your uterus has swelled to the size of a basketball. Also from now on you more than likely will start to experience mild swelling of the extremities — particularly the feet, ankles and hands. Called edema, it occurs when fluids build up in your body tissues thanks to increased blood flow and uterine pressure on the vena cava (the large vein on the right side of your body that returns blood from your lower limbs to the heart).

While you may have a hard time squeezing into shoes or getting your rings on or off, keep in mind that the puff factor is completely normal and temporary. But if it seems to be excessive, talk to your doctor since it can be be one of the signs of preeclampsia. Be sure to rest often with your feet raised, lying down if possible. [2]

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