Baby: Week 28

Red blood cells are now forming in your bone marrow

Foetus at 28 weeks. The developing ear can be distinguished on the right side of the head. The eye is visible and is partially open. When the eyelids fuse, the eyes close for a period of time until around the twenty-sixth week of fetal development. Courtest of theVisualMD.

Your brain looks like an adults now, with grooves and wrinkles. It is now able to regulate temperature, so you begin to shed the lanugo body hair.[1]

You measure more than 39cm from crown to toe, almost full length now. You weigh about 1.3kg at this stage, and you’ll continue to gain weight until you’re born. Your lungs and digestive tract are almost fully developed. You continue to open and shut your eyes. About a litre of amniotic fluid now surrounds your body, an amount that will decrease as your body fills most of your mother’s uterus. [2]

Red blood cells are now forming in your bone marrow.[3]

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