The Eyes


Did you know your eyes popped into existence seven whole months before you were born? By your 9th week, your eyelids had formed and remained closed until you were about 28 weeks.

Week 14

Your head was nearly half its total size, your face had long since formed and fused, and your eyelids were opaque.

Week 16

Your eyes had light sensitivity, but aren’t seeing light through the closed eyelids or in the dark womb.

Week 22

All your eye elements had developed.

Week 28

Your eyes had colour! At birth your eyes looked dark blue-gray, unless your eyes are black or dark brown now.

Week 33

Your pupils started to constrict and dilate and could see light, when the ninth month began. Of course, there was no light in the womb, but if you were born prematurely you could see light.

Your eyes were complete at birth but 75% of their current size. You could see in colour but you were quite nearsighted, at 20/400. You could see your mum’s face when she held you. If you cried and fussed, you didn’t cry real tears because your tear ducts weren’t developed. But a protective film was over your eyes, to protect them from dust.

By the time you were four months old, your eyes were normally aligned, and you could see in 3-D. At age four or five months, your tear ducts are developed and you could finally cry!


WATCH Foetus opening eyes during Ultrasound

WATCH Foetus opening eyes during 4D Ultrasound