The Feet


Your foot first appeared as a bump when you were a three week embryo. When you turned four weeks, a limb bud developed, a few days after your upper limb bud (arm and hand). By the end of your fourth week, three areas were distinct on this bud—corresponding to your thigh, leg and foot.

Week 5

A flat round foot disk developed, but was continuous with your leg.

Week 6

Your foot rotated to a perpendicular position. It is fan shaped, with 5 rays and notches will appear so toes show up. Your middle toe is the longest. Your footpads also developed about now.

Week 8

All adult lower limb structures—including the foot—are in place!
In month three your foot flexes and the bones begin to harden. Bone hardening and movement into final position continues throughout the rest of pregnancy.

Week 9

The toes form. In Week 32, your toenails were visible. By Week 38, they reached the tips of your toes.


Our Unborn Baby Kicks

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