The Face


Have a look at this wondrous BBC video, which tells the story of how every face—including your own—forms in the first nine months!

These medical images show more details, providing the names of different parts that form the face. By the end of your eighth week, your head, face, hands and feet were strikingly human in appearance.

Week 4

The beginnings of the face appeared at the end of the embryo, and the beginning of the nose, eye sockets, ears and facial arches were evident.

Week 5

Your face developed like a wrapper around a ball and eventually fusing together in the region of the nose and mouth (problems like cleft palate result from a faulty fusion).

In Week 5, your features continued to develop, even though the “wrapper” hasn’t fused yet.

Week 6

The nasals shift to the center, your lower facial arches took shape, and the outer ears are formed.

At the end of Week 6, the nose began to fuse, the nasal septum (the visible “nose”) and the upper jaw begin to form.

Week 7

The tip of your nose elevated above your nostrils and is visible in your profile. Your eyelids became prominent and your ears took shape.

By the end of Week 7, the nose’s central axis and the philtrum of the lip have completed fusion, so your face takes on its recognisable appearance.

Proportions of your face changed during your first nine months. A flat nose became rounded. Your jaw took shape. As your brain grew, your forehead developed, and your eyes moved into place and your ears rose.


@ 7 - 8 weeks Face

Embryo at 7 - 8 weeks

Watching the Foetus drinking amniotic fluid